Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard

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Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard

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Type in perfect comfort and speed with the Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS – an ergonomic keyboard that’s engineered to fit you. The split design and genuine CHERRY® mechanical key switches make for a typing experience that’s both blissful and fun. You’ll blast through emails, code, or your favorite game with a smile on your face and total comfort under your hands.







Use the multi-function smart wheel to command your PC!

Control the keyboard backlight brightness
Quickly jump between windows applications
Scroll through web pages or documents
Control your music or video volume
Control the keyboard backlight brightness
Quickly jump between windows applications
Scroll through web pages or documents
Control your music or video volume


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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Matthew Hazel
A good keyboard that needs better software support.

The good: Keyboard feels great. My writs and arms thank me for providing much needed relief. The key presses feel solid. No wobble, good standard layout, and great grips keep the where I want it.
The bad:
Software support is lack luster. No game/ program detection. Hot keys changing via firm ware updates and no clear instructions on website about what they are.
Inability to change side/underglow lighting from software. Profile switching is not built in, you have to go to the software each time. Slightly clunky software for changing lighting.

I still plan on keeping its because I believe they want to work out the bugs. They did listen to the community and re-did the windows button placement! so this gives me hope.

As long as they keep supporting this keyboard and continue to make improvements I will still recommend this to peeps who need an ergonomic solution to their gaming needs.

Brett Jones
Almost perfect. Still very good. Needs hot swap variant.

I am typing this review on my (modded) Cloud Nine right now, and I would recommend it...with some qualifications.

I have had this keyboard for about a year and am satisfied with it overall. The keyboard seems pretty well-built, and I think it fills in a good space in the mechanical keyboard world by offering ergonomic design, split halves, macro keys, and in a full size layout. If I designed my version of the perfect mechanical keyboard, this would almost be it as it checks all the boxes for what I need in a mechanical keyboard. I say "almost," because I think that there are three issues that keep this from becoming the perfect keyboard.

First, the keyswitch options are too limited. This keyboard would be pretty endgame if it were hot swap, which is something I would have appreciated being able to buy instead of converting mine myself. I bought this on Amazon about a year ago and wanted to really like it; however I wasn't satisfied with the keyswitches I chose (MX Blue) as I'm used to heavier tactile switches like Holy Pandas and Boba U4ts. The blues were so quick to register a keypress that I would often type two letters at the same time, which was incredibly frustrating. After several months on the shelf, I decided to completely void the warranty and desolder the PCB and converted this to a hot swap board using Mill Max 305s in the sockets. Blam. Now I can switch this keyboard out with any keyswitch I want without having to take anything apart. I do NOT recommend trying this as it will certainly void any warranty and because it is an incredibly tedious, time-consuming project.

My second hangup with the keyboard is that the function key that is needed to switch things like the lights and the knob function isn't able to be reassigned to another key (or, if it's possible, it's not apparent how to do this.) I use the left Windows key (spherically) for a ton of Autohotkey scripts, and while I can assign that key to the function key, it doesn't seem possible to assign the left function key to anything else. I can work around this, so it's not a dealbreaker - but it is frustrating.

The third issue that I run into with this keyboard on a routine basis is that, when I am typing even at fast-ISH WPM (90) the keyboard seems to transpose keys between both halves of the keyboard. So if I'm typing quickly the word "keyboard" comes out as kYEboard, "laugh" as lUAgh, etc. For awhile, I suspected that this was a keyboard malfunction but now I think it's just that the shape of the keyboard itself is different than what I am used to, with the keys in the middle of the board being physically higher than those near the edges, so I think that this is something I can probably get used to with enough time and patience.

I am not writing this review because I am dissatisfied. I am writing it because as a mechanical keyboard geek who owns several dozen keebs, I see a ton of potential in this board and I think that with some minor improvements this keyboard could go from good to great. Or, from great to perfect.

Buy it!

Jonathan Harker
This keyboard is fabulous and worth every cent

Split-key design for those of us with OOS/RSI, position it how you like, beautifully tactile Cherry Brown keys, ten programmable macro keys, flashing Christmas tree lights - what more could anyone possibly want!?

Petra Ritchie

I've spent the last eight years at this point as a full time ghostwriter, so I do a lot of typing. A lot, a lot. So an ergo keyboard is a must, but I've never managed to find a split keyboard that was reasonably priced and still sturdy enough to last. This keyboard is weighty and full of convenient little additions that make my life easier. I love the programmability of the keys, and the satisfying feel of typing. I'm not a gamer, so the brown switches are perfect for me, and make just enough noise to be a pleasant background when I'm in the zone. I'd get it again in a heartbeat.

Clickity Clackety Nailed It

Man, this thing is rad. I bought it so that I could turn the right half to an almost 90 degree angle from the left while recovering from a shoulder dislocation and I must say I love it. I love it even more now that I'm no longer broken. The clickety clack is crackalackin. Perfect touch response and the sound is just right. I originally bought the blue key version from Amazon but I had several coworkers ask me how the war was going in my office (great, by the way, thanks for asking), so I downshifted the adrenaline a bit to the brown keys and I ended up with a solid, beautiful, comfortable work horse. I named him Roach.