Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard

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Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard

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Type in perfect comfort and speed with the Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS – an ergonomic keyboard that’s engineered to fit you. The split design and genuine CHERRY® mechanical key switches make for a typing experience that’s both blissful and fun. You’ll blast through emails, code, or your favorite game with a smile on your face and total comfort under your hands.







Use the multi-function smart wheel to command your PC!

Control the keyboard backlight brightness
Quickly jump between windows applications
Scroll through web pages or documents
Control your music or video volume
Control the keyboard backlight brightness
Quickly jump between windows applications
Scroll through web pages or documents
Control your music or video volume


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Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Himanshu Pandey
Wish trackpad was instead of numpad & no extra keys on the left

1)Although I changed the numpad to get mouse functions it slows down my work so have to buy external trackpad/touchpad.
2) Extra keys on the left also are not useful to me & slow down as I am used to 20 yrs of Alt Tab etc keys.
3) the chord connecting both the parts of keyboard could be a bit longer. The right one somehow looses connection.
Everything else is great!

Jacob Kloutier
Fantastic look and feel!

I had some issue but support was quick and responsive with links to updates that solved my Problems!

Adam Foley
Great Keyboard, and Fantastic Customer Service!

I am significantly impressed with both the C989M keyboard, and Cloudnine's amazing customer support. I purchased my C989M a few months ago, as I was looking for a new split keyboard to replace the nearly worn out membrane keyboards I had used previously. I have been using split keyboards exclusively since the late 1990's, so going with a typical gaming keyboard wasn't an option (I'll admit it, I wanted RGB lighting too). The $180 price tag seemed a bit steep at first, but I have since learned that the C989M is worth every penny of that. It is, to put it simply, the best keyboard I've ever used.
I did have a (very) minor issue crop up several months after buying the keyboard: The blue part of the RGB LED under the "Page Down" key stopped working. Cloudnine immediately replaced my keyboard, and even cross-shipped! I sure didn't expect that, especially after I emailed back saying that the faulty LED had come back to life on its own. They were still happy to do the replacement, and I was happy to have received such great customer service! The replacement keyboard has been working perfectly for over a month of 16-18 hour days ever since.

David Lane
best in the game

I have had so many mechanical keyboards, and this one is by far, by a mile, my favorite. Their customer service is impeccable, I literally don't have one unflattering thing to say. Don't hesitate.

Kirill B.
Neat, flexible keyboard

CloudNine is a great ergonomic choice, I absolutely enjoy using it! I code a lot and it helps keep my hands relaxed. There was an adjustment period, as with any keyboard, but in the end it has proven to be a very comfortable product to use. Sometimes I keep the halves attached and sometimes I separate them a bit. In either case, there is very little difference in my typing speed. Using the wheel as a scroller has also proven to be a neat shortcut when coding. The configuration software is super easy to use and pretty slick, but there are one or two small issues with it (which are easy to fix and don’t get in the way, but the software still has improvements to be made). As a side note, I chose Cherry Red keys and it took me a while to get used to their feedback (or lack thereof): for anyone interested, they make for very stealthy typing and are quite sensitive, so you almost need to learn to trust your keys to register your input (or you could just bash them a little harder than usual for distinct audio feedback). You won’t get a sharp click, nor is there any tactile feedback, the keys drop very smoothly.
All in all, a great product, would recommend 100% for coders.