Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard

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Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard

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Type in perfect comfort and speed with the Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS – an ergonomic keyboard that’s engineered to fit you. The split design and genuine CHERRY® mechanical key switches make for a typing experience that’s both blissful and fun. You’ll blast through emails, code, or your favorite game with a smile on your face and total comfort under your hands.







Use the multi-function smart wheel to command your PC!

Control the keyboard backlight brightness
Quickly jump between windows applications
Scroll through web pages or documents
Control your music or video volume
Control the keyboard backlight brightness
Quickly jump between windows applications
Scroll through web pages or documents
Control your music or video volume


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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Solid mechanical ergo keyboard close to perfect for mac based dev work

Have had the keyboard for a few days and love it. I do coding on a mac. While I'd love to have the macro keys accessible if they can make such software available there's on change that would make it quite possibly the perfect keyboard, if they carve a command key out of the left side of the left space bar for a left hand side 'windows'/cmd key. That's like my one complaint for doing dev work on a mac is that I have to so often resort to using the right side window key when I want cmd key functionality. But other than that it feels great. The blue switch is what I got, and I love how it feels.

Works well for my purposes

My primary computer is located in a bedroom, with subdued light. I've wanted an ergonomic replacement with backlit keys for a good while. The Microsoft keyboard works well (although eventually either switch problems or cable damage), but is difficult to see, even though I touch type.
I don't have this one with flashing lights, not a gamer. I use for both home and work, remote service for commercial clients in my computer business. So, I have the lighting in a bluish white on all the keys, the side lighting turned off, AND now the major problem for earlier reviews is solved, the KNOB light can be turned off. Like the lighted keys on my Macbook Pro, or my HP Zbook 17.
When time comes for retiring for the night, a simple Fn + Esc combo turns off all the keyboard lighting.
Also like that I can split the keyboard halves, though they are mostly together here. They make a little noise, but not much. Lighter touch than the previous keyboard, but got used to that quickly. I expect the mechanical switches to be more resistant to crud inside them than the membrane keys of the last keyboard.
Been busy, but once I get the time, the Macros on the left will also be useful.

great keyboard!

i got the keyboard as a christmas gift! the switches are really gerat, the backlight is evenly lit, the buttons and keyboard feels solid. the tenting feels perfect, and my wrists feel great! this is literally everything i'd ever want in a keyboard. mechanical, backlit, split, and ergonomic! it pretty much worked out-of-the-box. the only thing i changed was downloading some firmware update found via the c9ergo FAQ website used to swap the windows and function key positions.

Pretty solid keyboard

Love the macros & volume controls. I like the clickity clack sound. I messed up right away & had the usb cable reversed, so only half my keyboard worked.

Only major con is the left ctrl key is much farther away from my fingers than I'm use to coming from the Microsoft ergo keyboard. I find the CTRL keys really hard to reach & use. I wish the space bar was a little less large. I think it could extend to the C at the farthest. I think it would be fine stopping after the V key. That would give more space for CTRL.

There are drivers you can find to reverse the FN & Windows key, so that's a non-issue.

Good board but the software could be better.

The board itself is nice, no complaints there. It is replacing my ms natural 4k, which was finally dying. I'm not sure how much I'll use the macro keys. I haven't found a good use case for them yet. I'm hope I will eventually, otherwise as a leftie, I'd rather have that space for the mouse.

The software could be better. I'm actually running a beta board bios I found via a google search in order to flip Fn and Windows key, from the cloud9 site.

Having to plug the board into a Windows PC to configure it is annoying. This seems like a place where embracing open source could go a long way.

I'm happy enough with it there is a better than even chance I'll end up ordering another one, for work, on my dime.