Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard

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Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard

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Type in perfect comfort and speed with the Cloud Nine C989 ErgoFS – an ergonomic keyboard that’s engineered to fit you. The split design and genuine CHERRY® mechanical key switches make for a typing experience that’s both blissful and fun. You’ll blast through emails, code, or your favorite game with a smile on your face and total comfort under your hands.







Use the multi-function smart wheel to command your PC!

Control the keyboard backlight brightness
Quickly jump between windows applications
Scroll through web pages or documents
Control your music or video volume
Control the keyboard backlight brightness
Quickly jump between windows applications
Scroll through web pages or documents
Control your music or video volume


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Customer Reviews

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Software not working on macOS

Software not working on macOS
Very disappointed

Great keyboard, poor firmware & user interface instructions

I have two of these keyboards and really like the hardware: One has the Cherry MX Brown and the other keyboard has the Cherry MX Blue -- old school tickity and my favorite. I definitely recommend them.

Installing the correct software wasn't as simple. The "brown" keyboard required an older version of the firmware and patch while the "blue" keyboard (only a few months newer) used another version and patch. In the "Download Software" page they need to separate the software and firmware/patches, not have them in the same column as each other. It may make sense to a software developer but not to most non-technical end users.

The software to make adjustments to the keyboard is almost bare bones:
- It has several cool modes for coloring and animating the keyboard but for practical use they're mostly high on eye candy and low on practicality.
- It does not display the software nor firmware versions.
- It does not have keyboard short-cuts nor controls so you cannot, for example, use the M-keys to toggle the keyboard light display between different modes, you must open the software and click around instead of automating it via the M-keys.
- It doesn't allow an easy way to export/import custom user layouts.
- You cannot create custom keyboard lighting animation!
- When the computer is finished booting the UI appears in the foreground thus you have to manually close that application window for it...every...darn...time! It's not necessary for it to be open in order for the keyboard to function. This is a highly annoying!

My guess is that to keep costs down they went for the lowest bid on the UI development.

- The wrist "pad" is non-removable and non-adjustable.
-The keyboard has no adjustability for attack angle nor tenting.

Once you get past the negatives -- and some are nit-picky -- its functionality does the job quite well. The ability to assign keys different colors as well as functions is really nice and I make use of the M-keys (e.g. Copy/Paste/Enter/Calculator/Remote Desktop)! I have used ergonomic keyboards for literally decades and this is by far the best for me. My work keyboard is split in ergonomic mode but our home computer keyboard is together for the rest of the family, however, if I'm spending a lot of time on it I will separate it. I also love love love the backlit keys! I was jealous of my daughter's Razor gaming 'board with its clickity-clickity keystrokes and backlit keys but they have no ergo 'boards, thus my quest for what I needed without going totally ergo overboard like Ergodox, Kinesis, and Dactyl styles.


This is ABSOLUTELY the best keyboard I have ever used, so much better than any other ergo. My typing errors and speed have improved. I got the blue keys as I love the tactile feedback. Honestly, not much louder than my coworker's current keyboard or the keyboard I replaced. I work in a busy office so that little bit of extra noise is like a whisper on a scream. My hand numbness and pain has greatly diminished since I started using this. And I love that I can customize so much on this thing. WELL WORTH THE MONEY.

Love it!

Smooth keys, works perfectly, and I love the split/raised ergo design.

Finally, a worthy successor to the MS Natural 4000

The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 certainly did not have the greatest feeling keys, but it had the right shape and it had extra buttons you can program. As a developer, that was more important than the not so great keys.

Ever since that kbd was discontinued, I had been keeping my eyes out for a successor. Then I discovered the C9.

They keyboard itself is wonderful! The macro buttons on the left are at an even better location than the MS buttons across the top. (Though the MS does have 2 buttons in the lower center, which proved handy for super common operations.)

And the keys themselves are much much better.

My only knock is the software. It is Windows only and you actually have to press the key being assigned - which prevents you from assigning keys that don't exist but have valid codes (like say F13-F24) that might be useful to map in other applications. (And in general, the software can use some maturing.)

I have 3 Macs and 1 Win, so I can use the 1 Win to do the programming, but a Mac version would be nice.

I already ordered a 2nd keyboard after 1 day with the first one.

Am super glad there is a firmware version to swap the Win key to the right -- else it would be a deal breaker bec 3 modifier keys are needed on each side for the Mac (I cannot have different keyboards on different machines in the long run - it kills productivity).

I hope to be upgrading my other 2 machines shortly after I spend a few wks with the first 2 keyboards!